Translation can be said to be the process of a translator undertaking the process of reading and understanding a source document
and writing in another language to create a new work based on the original text. Therefore, the translator of a technical patent
document must not only have a firm linguistic understanding of the source and target languages, but also a firm grasp of the technical
field to which the document pertains.

A patent specification for translation in particular, contains many more technical terms than a general document for translation, and
requires the use of many specific modes of expression to accurately relay its meaning. Thus, in order for the precise technical understanding of a source text and faithful reproduction of its meaning by using suitable terminology, the use of a technical terminology database by translators and the training of translators to improve their technical knowledge are crucial.
Alongside a patent law firm,  Zeon Consulting,  Inc. is a translation company that has specialized in patent and technical document
translation in the fields of mechanical, electronic, communications, biotech, and more, over many years for clients both at home and
abroad. In particular, we constantly strive to improve ourselves to provide high quality translation service of patents, trademarks, designs, and other Intellectual Properties (hereinafter called “IP”) and in technical fields. Because we have gathered a group of translators who are technical experts holding undergraduate, post-graduate, and doctorate degrees in science and engineering fields, we have build an infrastructure that allows us to accurately translate clinical trials, manuals, and content in other technical fields.
The patent and technical translation services that  Zeon Consulting,  Inc. provides are as follows:
1) Intellectual Property: Incoming/Outgoing Patent Specifications, Office Actions (OA), WIPO Written Opinion by International Searching
     Authority(WOSAs), Written Opinions, International Preliminary Examination Reports, Search and Analysis Reports, and more
2) Legal: IP-related Statutes, Examination Documents, Judgments, Litigation Documents, Contracts, Various Warning Notices and
     Responses, etc.
3) Technical: Clinical Trial Documents, Manuals, Research Theses, Technical Papers, Reports, Specifications, etc.
4) Translation and Editing of Supporting Documents: Translation and Duplicate Image Formatting of Documents to be Used as Evidence in
     Court, and Various Certifying Documents(Duplicate image formatting).

IP translation inherently requires strict abidance to due dates, and there are many requirements stipulated by the patent laws and procedures of each country. In order to satisfy these conditions and better meet clients’ needs, we focus on translation quality and on-time delivery in any translation process.

To meet these conditions, and for the sake of easy and prompt translation feedback, Zeon Consulting, Inc. operates a system that revolves around full-time, in-house translators who are experts in technical fields. We use various forms that follow the patent specification formats required by the rules and precedents of each country, and shorten our translation turnaround times and improve quality by using technical terminology databases and holding regular in-house seminars for our translators and having them participate in training programs held by other organizations.
Since the founding of  Zeon Consulting,  Inc. in 2001, we have become the #1 patent translation company in Korea, thanks to the generous
encouragement and support of our clients. Additionally, in order to increase our domestic and foreign intellectual property service activities, we continue our role as the IP translating arm and chair company for the Korean Association for Intellectual Property Services (KAIPS), and are diligently doing our part towards IP globalization in order to realize the dream of Korea as an IP powerhouse.