Our IP (Intellectual Property) consulting department provides Patent Information Search and Analysis and Patent Consulting services.

We have established a systematic collaborative/divisive framework based on a group of professionals in the mechanical, material, chemistry, biotech, and electrical/electronic fields, who have both experience conducting R&D for companies and research institutes and IP management experience from patent law firms and information analysis companies, in order to provide our clients with expert, in-depth search and analysis and consulting service.
01 Patent Information Search and Analysis Service

Prior Art Search :
When developing a certain technology or filing an application for patent rights, by searching for prior art in patents, theses, etc., material can be obtained to assist in technology development, the filing of redundant patent applications can be prevented, and strong patent rights can be acquired.

Patent Trend Analysis : When seeking to establish/assess strategies for R&D or technology management, by implementing a wide ranging search for related patent and technical material and a strategic analysis, technology development trends and competitors’ technology development strategies can be uncovered, areas with technology voids and highly protected technology areas can be selected, ways to obtain core patents and ways to design around highly protected patents can be discovered, and efficient R&D and technology management strategies can be established.
02 Patent Consulting Service

R&D-IP Consulting :
We provide a complete consulting service for SMEs, venture companies, research institutes, and state run R&D institutions which do not have systematized management systems in place for the research and development of core technologies, the acquisition of rights, and strategic use of patents, so as to extract core capabilities and core technologies based on analyzing the capabilities and technology, market, and policy trends of one’s own company and those of the competition, establish efficient R&D and technology management strategies, and quickly acquire and use strongly protected patent rights.

Technology Innovation Consulting : When encountering a protected technology on-site or at a research center or when requiring a method of working around a competitor’s patent, innovative ideas can be generated by applying ZIPS (Zeon Intellectual Property Solution) that is an R&D-IP extraction process to extract new ideas from patent information, and TRIZ (Theory of Inventive Problem Solving) that is a creative problem solving theory.