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In our 21st Century knowledge-based society, the creation of added value through technology is a vital element determining whether countries or companies prosper or fail. The traditional economic growth model in which tangible assets are created by improving productivity in the manufacturing sector is now being replaced by a model that emphasizes the importance of increasing the value of intangible assets through knowledge and information processing and patent management.

Zeon Consulting,
Inc. is an expert intellectual property service provider comprised of professionals with in-depth experience in the intellectual property field from working at patent law firms, corporations, research institutes, etc. Zeon Consulting, Inc. provides comprehensive consulting service relating to R&D-IP, including the following areas: Translation of Patent Specifications and Technical Documents, Search & Analysis of Patent and Technical Information. We thus strive to protect the intangible assets of companies and research institutes, and also of universities and individuals, and to maximize the value of those assets.

Zeon Consulting
will continuously endeavor to anticipate and meet the growing needs of our clients by improving every aspect of our service, and hopefully contribute towards elevating Korea’s status to IP powerhouse.

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From the staff and CEO, Suk Hoon Choi of Zeon Consulting, Inc.